Project Oasis FAQs

Usage Survey

How do I fill in the usage survey?

  1. Key in your Unique ID received from the interviewer
  2. After unlocking the AMR, take a photo of state of delivery and upload it
    Storage compartment of AMR

    Storage compartment of AMR

  3. Upload the screenshot of the delivery receipt in the app

    Screenshot page after confirming delivery

The Study

What is this study about?

  • This study aims to supplement an ongoing trial of Camello robots and understand participant’s experience with deliveries conducted by these robots.
  • The trial has been ongoing since February 2021, involving residents of 7 HDB blocks at Waterway Woodcress in Punggol. It hopes to test the implementation of artificial intelligence technology in expanding existing delivery infrastructure and improving consumer experience.

Who is conducting the trial and study?

  • The trial is launched by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in collaboration with other government agencies such as HDB and LTA, and private companies (e.g. OTSAW, CM Logistics).
  • The surveys will be conducted by Consulting Group – Asia Insight Pte. Ltd., an independent market research agency.

When does the study begin and long will it last?

  • The study starts in mid-August, and will end in mid-March.

What will I receive for completing the study?

  • After the trial, you will be awarded $20 worth of NTUC vouchers.

Will I be eligible for the $20 NTUC vouchers if I do not manage to arrange for the delivery or complete the 2 surveys?

  • Only participants who complete both surveys and submit proof of the delivery will be eligible for the voucher.

Delivery Process

Which items can be delivered by the AMRs?

  • Any non-perishable item purchased from Oasis Terraces shopping mall. Parcels from UPS and DHL can also be delivered.

Where do I arrange for my items to be delivered by the AMR?

  • Items have to be brought to the Dispatch Hub next to NTUC from the basement.

Where can the robot deliver to?

  • Collection points at the lift lobbies of:
    • Blocks 665A, 665B, 665C, 666A, 666B, 667A and 667B Punggol Drive (Waterway Woodcress)
    • Blocks 682A, 682B, 682C, 683A, 683N, 683C, 684A, 684B, 684C, 684D (Waterway View)
    • Blocks 668A, 668B, 669A, 669B, 670A, 670B, 670C (Waterway Ridges)
Camello Poster at collection point

Camello Poster at collection point


Collection point at void deck

Collection point at void deck

When do I collect my purchases?

  • A notification will be sent by the Camello app when the delivery is en route and when it is ready for collection.

How exactly do I make a delivery?

  1. Bring the items purchased to the Dispatch Hub (Beside NTUC at B1) along with the receipt.
  2. Select a 1-hour delivery slot (between 12pm – 6pm on weekdays and 12pm – 3pm on Saturdays)
  3. Take a screenshot on your Camello app.

Screenshot page after confirming delivery

  1. The Camello app will send a notification when the AMR is en route.
  2. Another notification for pickup will be sent right before the delivery arrives.
After delivery arrival

After delivery arrival

  1. Take a picture of your delivered items in the AMR’s compartment, and screenshot the e-receipt within the app. Collect your items by scanning the QR code on the AMR, or entering an OTP sent to your mobile phone.
Storage compartment of AMR

Storage compartment of AMR

  1. Afterwards, submit the proof of usage. The unique link to this usage form is within the pre-survey.

I am having problems with the Camello app. What should I do?

  • Any questions can be directed to the concierge at Oasis Terraces.
  • HP: +65 9118 2337 / 8792 6800
  • Email:

What will I need to arrange for a delivery?

  • Participants will need to show their receipt from the purchase when they are making the robot delivery order

How many surveys should I complete altogether?

  • There will be 2 surveys in total – 1 pre-survey and 1 post-survey.
  • The pre-survey will be on participants’ consumption habits and awareness of the AMRs at the start of the trial before any purchases are made.
  • The post-survey will be about participants’ experience using the AMRs and should be completed after all the delivery has been made. It will be conducted face-to-face by the interviewer.

Can I use the AMR to make multiple deliveries in the same day?

  • No, the study requires that each delivery is made on a separate day.

Can 2 people book the same delivery slot?

  • Yes—in this case a 2-door AMR will be deployed
2-door AMR

2-door AMR

What happens if I can’t remember my unique ID?

  • Participants can contact the interviewer who would have gotten their details at the start of the study.

What happens if I forget to collect my purchases after they are delivered?

  • The AMR will return to the Dispatch Hub 10 minutes after its arrival time. If the delivered items are not collected within this time, participants have to reschedule the delivery slot.

What happens if my delivered items arrive in poor conditions?

  • There will not be any compensation as the AMR is still in trial period

Camello Robots/AMRs

What are Camello robots?

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) developed by robotics technology firm OTSAW. They are capable of storing and delivering items.

How can I be sure that the AMR is safe?

  • Camello robots are equipped with 3D LIDAR sensors, one camera, two weatherproof storage compartments, and independent four-wheel drive with differential steering. This enables them to plan their route and avoid obstacles.
  • The robots are also capped at a walking speed of 5km/h and will be accompanied by a safety officer during the trial period.
AMR features infographic by CNA

Infographic on AMR features by CNA

At what times of the day can this service be used?

  • 11am – 8pm on weekdays and 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays. The service is not available on Sundays.
  • Note that no delivery can arranged in the first and last hour for robot charging
  • However, you can still go down to the counter to arrange for your deliveries for the day
  • Should you wish to reserve a slot prior to going down, please call +65 8792 6800

Do I have to pay to use the AMR?

  • No, the AMR delivery service is free-of-charge during the trial.

How many items can be stored within the AMRs?

  • Each robot can carry up to 20kg worth of items.