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Join Our Exciting Team

What Asia Insight is, has always been about its people.

It is our people who fuel the company’s growth and success, and with their dedicated engagement, commitment and passion, they continue to add value to quality work that we produce. It is an on-going priority at Asia Insight to focus on attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent, to fuel our strong pool of talented researchers.

While we learn and grow from experiences as a partnership, we are constantly on the lookout for individuals with the thirst to learn, the perseverance to overcome challenges, and last but not least, the ability to work as a unit.

It is our people that make what Asia Insight is today.



Position Currently Available

Singapore Office

Research Consultant/ Senior Research Consultant

Overview of Responsibilities

  1. Ensure successful execution of projects under your purview.
  2. Be active in looking for opportunities to develop existing client relationships so as to gain a bigger share of the Market Research budget.
  3. Involved in Qualitative projects, end to end
  4. Manage and mentor interns

Detailed responsibilities

Please note that at Asia Insight, we practice cross Qual-Quant training and project execution to ensure our consultants are well-rounded with solid grounding for future Business management roles. As such, the candidate needs to be open to undertaking an equal of Quantitative and Qualitative research work.

1.   Proposal Writing

  • Take research brief from clients
  • Write research proposals in a value added manner
  • Obtain quotes from vendors
  • When working with Directors, to work out client quotations for approval
  • Finalize client quotations and be accountable for adherence to costing guidelines and profitability

2.   Research Design

  • Propose and/or lead in research design

−    Overall research approach
−    Sample design
−    Research materials such as screeners, questionnaires, discussion guides etc.

  • Vet project material to ensure technical correctness and adherence to agreed objectives and design

3.   Project Execution and management

  • Ensure proper briefing into field
  • Conduct (and in time, to lead) in-depth interviews/ focus groups etc.
  • Track deployment of fieldwork to ensure quality data gathering
  • Ensure quality project management– e.g. monitor fieldwork progress, vendor management etc.
  • Conduct desk research

4.   Analysis and Reporting

  • Setup and conduct data analysis (table extraction, going through transcripts, recordings etc.)
  • Propose analysis framework(s)
  • Suggest the appropriate use of advanced analytics, sampling and weighting (For quantitative projects)
  • Oversee charting and data extraction to ensure accuracy and meeting of requirements
  • Report writing
  • Conduct presentations of research findings
  • Co-facilitate workshops where required

5.   Client management

  • Key client contact point during the course of proposals and projects
  • Assist in managing, developing and growing existing key accounts

6.   Special Project and Process Ownership

  • To lead or support in special projects whenever assigned, such as development of new syndicated study, developing of website, championing certain products, new processes etc.
  • To ensure compliance with company policies and processes
  • To suggest and lead the setting up or refinement of company policies and processes

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree required; in applied statistics, sociology, strategic marketing, communications or psychology
  • At least 2 years hands on experience in primary market research
  • Candidates should ideally be effectively bilingual, in English and Mandarin/Malay/Tamil.(to liaise with associates)
  • Able to moderate focus groups in a 2nd language (Mandarin/Malay/Tamil)(in view of business communications)

Fieldwork Supervisor/ Manager


  • At least 3 years’ experience in handling data collection for telephone, door-to-door and focus group projects.
  • Organized, detail oriented and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ensure quality of data collection via methods such as telephone interviews, street intercept, door to door interviews etc
  • Monitor project schedule and deliver quality data in a timely fashion

Other skills that will make you shine as a better candidate will be:

  • Strong knowledge of fieldwork techniques e.g. sampling techniques.
  • Proven experience in hiring, training, and managing a pool of interviewers
  • CATI knowledge will be a plus.


  • Candidate must possess a Diploma;
  • Be effectively bilingual, in English and Mandarin;
  • Good interpersonal skills; people oriented;
  • Possess strong organizational and project management skills;
  • Responsible, able to work independently, as well as in a team;
  • Ability to work in the evenings and weekends.

Full-time Market Research Interviewer

The collection of high quality data for our surveys is a critical part of our business. It helps our clients make better strategic decisions.

Snapshots of our ideal candidates

  • Articulate, friendly and individuals with a passion for finding the truth
  • People oriented, enjoy interacting with people to find out their opinions
  • A high level of integrity and responsibility to complete assignment timely as per instructed is a must, as you will be working independently.
  • Articulate and able to speak and write well in English and a 2nd language (Mandarin/ Malay)
  • Physically fit and mobile as your job will involve moving around different locations

A typical week/day on the job: 

  • Conduct interviews with members of the public at their homes (HDB/Private residential estates)
  • Surveys are conducted via Tablet PCs and sometimes via paper
  • You will need to visit the office (Jalan Besar area, nearest MRT Farrer Park and Lavender) twice a week for the purpose of
    • Training and practice of new projects
    • Collecting and returning questionnaires/tokens
  • The research includes, but is not limited to:
    • Public opinion surveys
    • Branding surveys
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Product and new concept testing surveys
    • Mystery shopper studies

Working arrangement:

  • 40 hours a week
  • Flexibility in working hours would be required (for instance, some surveys are better conducted when most people are at home in the evenings)
  • Basic Salary + CPFTransport reimbursements/allowances
  • Annual Leave
  • Medical benefits

Performance Assessment:

  • Quality of work – surveys completed will be subject to stringent quality checks
  • Productivity – meeting quotas for projects
  • Responsibility – timeliness, say-do ratio
  • Attitude

Part-time Market Research Interviewer

Looking for interviewers who are looking to work in non-office based environment as freelance interviewers:

  • If you like to interact with people to find out their opinions on various topics.
  • Subject to project requirements and deadlines, you will have the opportunity to work flexibility work at your own time and pace.

Typically, 2 weeks – 1 month given to complete each job assignment.



  • Comfortable talking to people you just met
  • Reliable, responsible with integrity to complete assignment as per instructions and on time

Training & briefing will be provided @ our office before the start of every project.

Part-Time Data Entry Clerk / Validator

Responsibilities of Data entry clerk

  • Enter data from  Questionnaire (Hardcopy) into in-house program or Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Verify data and correct data where necessary
  • Check completed work for accuracy


Responsibilities of Validator

  • Able to communicate in at least 2 languages (English/Mandarin/Malay)
  • Contact respondent by telephone to verify the data provided in the data are accurate.
  • Verify data and correct data where necessary
  • Handle respondent questions


Requirements for above:

  • Minimum GCE ‘O’ Levels & above
  • Eligible to work in Singapore
  • Basic computer skills such as knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Reliable, responsible with integrity to complete assignment as per instructions and on time
  • Comply with data integrity and security policies
  • Training & briefing will be provided at our office before the start of every project.


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Asia Insight is built on a dedicated team of consultants and support staff, led by experienced leaders who constantly nurture as well as seek to maintain the atmosphere of a dynamic environment. Our people come from a variety of skills and backgrounds that forms a talented team ready to help improve our clients’ business performance.

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