Camello Robot Public Perception Survey

IMDA Public Perception Survey on Camello Robot Delivery Service


Thank you for trying out the Camello Robot Delivery Service!

To help refine the delivery service further prior to a full roll-out, IMDA has commissioned Consulting Group – Asia Insight Pte Ltd to conduct its Public Perception Survey on the Camello Robot Delivery Service.

We would like to invite you to take part in the survey to understand your views on the service. As a token of appreciation, the first 50 people who respond to the survey will be provided a $20 NTUC voucher upon completion of the survey. Participants who have previously taken part in this study and received their NTUC vouchers will not be eligible.

  1. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. You may access the survey via the link below:



  1. Please assist to complete the survey by 13 March 2022.


  1. Please be assured that your feedback will be treated with utmost CONFIDENTIALITY.


  1. For any enquiries or to verify the authenticity of this survey, you may reach out to the representatives from Asia Insight and/or IMDA below:


Representative from Asia Insight: Representative from IMDA:
Aaron Eio
Yuan Ping Sim


We thank you in advance for your participation.