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Our Mission


Asia Insight is one of the leading market research companies in Asia. Our mission is to help leading corporations gain and sustain competitive advantage through actionable marketing research.

Whether the focus is on strategy or operations, on fine-tuning existing offerings or discovering new breakthrough, our people are committed to providing market research findings that inspire our clients with actionable insights.

Through the years, our company has helped clients to improve their products and services, enhance business relationships and develop winning marketing strategies through brand positioning research, segmentation studies and profiling, qualitative and quantitative research and other forms of market research.

Every market research project has only one imperative - deliver actionable market research insights that inspire and guide strategic marketing decisions. This is what our clients demand of us. It is what we demand of ourselves. And it is the focus of all we do at Asia Insight.

"Market research is a means to help you in your marketing decisions…not an end in itself."

Ms Pearly Tan,
CEO, Asia Insight


Our market research insights can help you to:

  Reduce risk, by helping you better understand your customers and the market you are competing in.

  Discover new marketing opportunities, by identifying potential gaps and possible breakthrough ideas.

  Improve your business results, by monitoring the performance of your marketing programs, service quality and your company's perception against key competitors in the market.

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