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Qualitative Research
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Quantitative Research

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Qualitative Research


What makes your customers tick? What motivates them to behave in a certain way? What are their underlying emotive needs?

Exploring qualitative needs, motivations and attitudes amongst consumers, is the core of many projects that we conduct at
Asia Insight.

We help our clients answer these questions by using a comprehensive array of traditional and non-traditional qualitative methodologies, including focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, contextual
and ethnographic studies, observation etc.

At Asia Insight, we house some of the best local, multi-linguistic moderators, with more than 10 years of experience in a wide range of industries. Our moderators are well experienced in applying different projective techniques to elicit the underlying insights of the Asian consumer and draw out unarticulated needs and emotions. Our strong analytical skills help clients understand the intricacies of the Asian consumer.

Sensitive and knowledgeable about the different local cultures, we can moderate in various countries and languages, including Chinese - Simplified and Traditional, Cantonese (Hong Kong), Hokkien (Taiwan) - Korean, Hindi, Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia), Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Besides traditional qualitative methodologies, we make use of contextual research and innovative approaches to help our clients go beyond what is articulated through traditional approaches.

Amongst some of the qualitative methodologies that we use:

Contextual and ethnographic research

  Contextual diaries and scrapbooks
  Accompanied sessions
  Use of photo scans
  Tracking of purchasing process

Creative Product Test Panels

  Product placement and diaries
  Qualitative feedback online
  Generally followed by focus group discussions or brainstorming sessions

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