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Exploring the future of converging technologies

Asia Insight has set up a study aimed at exploring the convergence of productivity, entertainment and communication technologies in the Chinese market.

CONVERGE™ will provide actionable directions on how to sell your current and future technologies, and will help you make important decisions on which segments to focus your resources on and what product and positioning strategies to adopt in order to target them successfully.

As the world is no longer easily divided into clear-cut silos - the dividing lines between technology, entertainment and communication, once clearly demarcated, are now greying, as players introduce new convergent technologies.


> The convergence of productivity and entertainment

Personal Computer no longer means just productivity. The PC is becoming more and more of an entertainment device used in place of traditional home entertainment electronics. While new "entertainment" features are built into it, the vision of a PC-centered, networked home becomes more and more realistic, with the PC becoming the centre of the home entertainment universe.

And the TV is becoming more of a PC!

We are witnessing a move from traditional TV sets, limited to mere content reproduction, to TV sets endowed with storage and computing capabilities to run multimedia software integrating richer formats. It is the end of passive television, with TV and home electronics steadily moving into digital space.

> No longer just communication.

No longer just a communication device, the mobile phone is invading the world of mobile entertainment. Consumers demand entertainment on-the-go, and multiple entertainment functions are added to mobile phones. Digital camera, music, gaming, web browsing, video MMS, digital TV and many more - entertainment features have become important decision factors in mobile phone purchases.


Mobile communication and productivity functions
are merging

There is a growing need for better management on-the-move - contactability, organization and efficiency - all the time! This has prompted an increasing usage of PDAs, organizers, notebooks, as well as the creation of a myriad of new technologies that merge mobile communications and productivity functions.


Your Questions Answered

aims to answer the following key strategic and marketing questions:

How big is the market opportunity for convergent technologies?
How fast will they be adopted?

Which forms of convergence will appeal to consumers?
Which converging technologies will emerge as winners?

Which target segments will be adopting the different converging technologies as the market evolves?
How open are the different segments to different technologies?

Which consumer segments are the "low hanging fruits" to be tapped on?
Which segments should you focus most resources on?

How to sell existing and future technologies to them?
What benefits to communicate? What positioning and communication strategies to adopt?

Some key features of CONVERGE™

Syndicated format provides cost-efficiency - full analysis and reporting, including segmentation model

Synergetic combination of quantitative data and rich qualitative insight.

Wealth of demographics and large sample sizes for sub-analysis

Customisation to clients' needs and add-on questions to qualitative or quantitative approaches

Ongoing measurement possibilities

If you are interested in learning more about CONVERGE™ , please send an email to marketing@AsiaInsight.com or call +65 6735 3788 for more information.


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