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International Co-ordination of Fieldwork


Asia Insight has a dedicated Fieldwork Division - a specialised fieldwork team which can deliver high quality services to market research agencies and end clients, only requiring research
co-ordination and fieldwork services.

Our Fieldwork Division was set up with the philosophy to support our Worldwide Market Research Partners.

Quality and Timeliness
Processes adhering to worldwide standards
Stringent quality control- tight monitoring processes for
every project
Delivering on time all the time!

Recommending most cost-effective approach without compromising quality

Value-added Insight
Team with consulting background, providing insights to research design and localisation

Asia Insight co-ordinates research across 14 countries in the Asia Pacific. Doing research with us is painless! We are your bridge to the diverse cultures and languages. Our multi-cultural, multi-linguistic team can assist you to understand country differences and support you with all localisation, translation and co-ordination needs.

We have unparalleled fieldwork experience in the region. With about 70% of our work being multi-country, we conduct numerous on-going tracking studies in 14 countries all year round.

Singapore Facilities


Shanghai Facilities





Our Fieldwork services:

Qualitative Research

Qualitative methodologies

Focus Groups

In-depth interviews

Ethnographic studies / contextual interviews


Services Facilities
Recruitment One-way mirror
Moderating Sound systems
Translation of materials Simultaneous translation facilities
Simultaneous translation Video Recording
Note taking/Transcripts Audio Recording


Analysis/reporting (if required)

Quantitative Research

A comprehensive array of methodologies
  - Face-to-face / CAPI
Door-to-door interview
Mall/Street intercepts
Central Location Interviews

- Telephone interviews/CATI

- Mail Surveys

- Online Surveys

- Mystery shopping

Full data processing team

In-house software such as SPSS and Surveycraft with advanced statistical analysis capabilities:

- Conjoint Analysis

- Factor Analysis

- Multi-regression Analysis

- Cluster Analysis

- Brand Mapping

- Regression Analysis

- Discriminant Analysis

Data can be provided in ASCII, Excel, SPSS

Analysis/reporting (if required)

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