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Asia Insight works in close partnership with some of the world’s leading automotive companies in a variety of business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer research projects. Market entry, branding, dealer relationship and product development are just some of the issues we’ve tackled, across the Asia Pacific region.

We are proud to have influenced the R&D of mid-range to luxury cars, customized for Asian drivers via car clinics, ethnographic studies, innovation workshops and surveys. Meticulously studying customer journey across channels, uncovering compelling value propositions, and influencing numerous aspects of marketing, from the design of cars to the design of sales touchpoints.

Our experience in the automotive industry spans across 2 decades. The work we have conducted for our auto clients has been extended beyond Asia, to countries including Brazil, USA, Germany etc.

Please click HERE for report on Riding the EV Boom in China.

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