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Automotive and Petroleum


Despite a global downturn in the automotive industries and some high-profile casualties, Asian markets remain the fastest growing in the industry, with China, India and Thailand booming. What are the reasons for this impressive performance? What are the successful strategies? How long will it continue?

Asia Insight has a wide experience in researching the automotive industry. We work in close partnership with some of the world’s leading automotive companies in a variety of business-to-business
as well as business-to-consumer research projects. Our experience spans across a great amount of business situations and has spread across all major cities in the Pacific area.

Our insights and our confidence in researching the automotive industry are built on the experience we have gained in conducting multiple research studies for leading automotive companies.

Our experience in the automotive industry covers a broad range of issues and topics including:

Brand Positioning Studies to determine compelling value propositions and positioning for new products

Naming Studies

Advertising Tests for new campaigns

Profiling the car usage patterns and attitudinal behaviour of customers

Assessing market potential

Understanding and exploring the mindset towards a product category

Brainstorming and developing CRM themes and strategies

Customer Satisfaction Tracking studies, to assess level of service experienced by customers

Conjoint Studies to identify the most compelling way to package new offers to car owners

Evaluating the impact of sponsorships and other marketing tactics on brand image


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